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"I would like to see Audrey Hepburn come walking through the woods.“ These were the words of film maker Gijon Mili, talking to the members of the Dave Brubeck Quartet in the mid 1950s, while he shot one of the first short films of jazz in the Columbia studios in New York City. "Gee", said Paul wistfully, "so would I".
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Today, 60 years later, the award winning Quartet "pure desmond" of the four musicians Lorenz Hargassner, Johann Weiß, Christian Flohr and Sebastian Deufel present the story that could have happened if Hepburn had really been just walking by at that time on the new album "Audrey". Desmond's own composition "Audrey“, a musical gem of the composer of "Take Five" is also included in the intimate fragile interpretation of the cool jazz ensemble from Germany.

"A fine, chamber-music-like aesthetic: transparent, comprehensible, linear, emotionally controlled and laid back to total relaxation" - that's what the members of the jury of the German Critics Award stated about the sound of pure desmond. Out of the musical collaboration during lots of dense concert nights and intensive sessions emerged  original compositions that deal with this story of Paul Desmond and Audrey Hepburn. That way the musicians break new ground – and that's what makes them the real heirs of the jazz pioneers around Brubeck.